1) kWh



4)static electricity


Asked by nathsantanukumar | 16th Nov, 2018, 06:21: PM

Expert Answer:

kWh- power consumed in 1 hour basically its energy consumption in one hour 1kWh=360000 JOULE
Fuse- it's a safety device used in electric circuits to prevent getting sudden voltage gain in any electric equipment. Otherwise sudden voltage gain tamper equipment.  Fuse melt itself so current flow stop.
Induction- it's a method of charging. Any uncharged body will get charged if it will be place in the close vicinity of charge object without touching them
Static electricity- its imbalance of charge particle on a particular surface .charge remains on the surface if it get some kind of push like another surface it will start moving. e.g- straightening of hair in winter season

Answered by Ankit K | 16th Nov, 2018, 10:24: PM