Debate  against on ethical practices in organisation can bring down corruption in English

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You can work on the following pointers:
An organisation's reputation solely depends on its culture integrity and trust of the stakeholders. 

Corruption, internal or external, can introduce travesty to any of the existing reputed organisation. 

World's renowed companies still struggle to curb corruption, despite having code of values and compliance progeammes in place. 
Public officials using their power for personal benefit and private oragnisations misusing their authority to influence government decisions narrowly defines corruption. 
Ethical practices or conduct can protect your company from dilemmas on a daily basis. However, when a leader manifests a 'get it done at any cost' may knowingly or unknowlingly give out a wrong impression to the employees which may result in weakening the company's integrity. 
Anyone, especially the leader, in the organisation can be the role model by engaging in ethical activities and adhering to the organisation's code of conduct.   

With the guided councel of a professional leader to handle the corruption issue, employees are encouraged to seek clarification to prevent any unwanted ethical consequences.

Today, tone at the top remains critical in preventing and mitigating the risks associated with corruption. Ultimately, the responsibility for establishing a strategic vision rests with the leadership – the board of directors and senior an important role by developing incentive structures that help to support an ethical leadership mandate among senior management.
The laws, policies, codes, directives and other written regulations that apply to the public sector will never cover every situation that a public official faces and it is not practical to do so.
Every employee has different personal values and without an explicit set of organisational values to guide them, they may reach different conclusions about the right action to take in a particular situation.
By developing and communicating an explicit set of values, an organisation can encourage consistent decision-making and appropriate resolution of ethical dilemmas even when there are no rules to follow. 
Statements of  values must be evident in the life of the organisation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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