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CBSE Class 9 Answered

Dear sir, plz give me some tips to study maths.
Asked by lalsakshi | 17 Feb, 2011, 12:00: AM
Expert Answer

Dear student,

Studying Math is Different from Studying Other Subjects

  • Math is learned by doing problems. Do the homework. The problems help you learn the formulas and techniques you do need to know, as well as improve your problem-solving prowess.
  • Each class builds on the previous ones. You must keep up with the Teacher: attend class, read the text and do homework every day. Falling a day behind puts you at a disadvantage. Falling a week behind puts you in deep trouble.
  • You're always reviewing previous material as you do new material. Many of the ideas hang together. Identifying and learning the key concepts means you don't have to memorize as much.
  • Do not hesitate in asking question. Practice as many questions as you can.

Warm regards,

Topper Team

Answered by | 19 Feb, 2011, 11:03: AM
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