Dear Sir, Pi is the ratio of circumference to diameter. In the first place, both the values when measured by scale give a rational value. Then why pi is considered an irrational? Kindly tell me this story.

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Expert Answer:

For any circle, if you take ratio of its circumference to its diameter, you’ll observe that the value is constant. The circumference comes out to be more than three times its diameter.

The value of the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle is denoted by the Greek alphabet  pie. Generally for the mathematical computations approximate value of pie is taken as  22/ 7 or 3.14.
However, the value of pie is actually not 22/7. If you will perform long division, you will observe that the decimal expansion of pie is non-terminating and non repeating. And thus pi is an irrational number. Using high speed computers and advanced algorithms, mathematicians have computed the value of pie to over 1.24 trillion places.

Answered by  | 21st Sep, 2012, 10:45: AM

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