Dear sir Pease explain me following questions: 1) what are peroxides? 2) What is superoxide? 3) What is difference b/w peroxide and superoxide? 4)What is binary compound?

Asked by  | 13th Dec, 2012, 12:43: PM

Expert Answer:

1) A peroxide is a compound containing an oxygen–oxygen single bond or the peroxide anion ([O?O]). The O?O group is called the peroxide group or peroxo group.
2) superoxide, also known by the obsolete name hyperoxide, is a compound that contains the superoxide anion with the chemical formula O2?.
3) A binary compound is a chemical compound that contains exactly two different elements in different proportions. Examples of binary ionic compounds include calcioum chloride (CaCl2), sodium fluoride (NaF), and magnesium oxide (MgO), while examples of binary covalent compounds include water (H2O), carbon monoxide (CO), and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6).

Answered by  | 13th Dec, 2012, 07:05: PM

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