dear sir/madam

                         I didnt understand the ganongs potometer wala thing can u plzz explain it to me on video chat.

thanking u in anticipation 

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Asked by vibhareetsharvvi | 13th Feb, 2021, 10:00: PM

Expert Answer:

  • The Ganong’s potometer is used to measure the transpiration rate in a laboratory.
  • The Ganong’s potometer comprises a glass tube, which is bent twice, a glass cylinder having a wide mouth.
  • A capillary tube is inserted in a horizontal glass bar attached to a reservoir. A wide-mouthed glass cylinder is present towards the front end of the apparatus.
  • A rubber cork with a hole is fitted on the mouth of the glass cylinder. A freshly cut twig is placed in this hole.
  • The horizontal bar has graduated readings marked over it. It has a bent end with a nozzle opening.
  • A beaker containing coloured water is placed below this horizontal bar with the bent end inserted into it.
  • A reservoir is connected to the horizontal bar to store water.
  • The entire set up is placed on a flat surface.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 15th Feb, 2021, 12:44: PM