curve of radius 120 m is banked at an angle of 18°. At what speed can it be negotiated under icy conditions where friction is negligible?

Asked by yashifun | 29th Sep, 2019, 09:42: PM

Expert Answer:

Maximum speed vmax on a banked road is given by
begin mathsize 14px style v subscript m a x end subscript equals space open curly brackets R space g space fraction numerator mu subscript s plus tan theta over denominator 1 space minus space mu subscript s tan theta end fraction close curly brackets to the power of bevelled 1 half end exponent end style............................(1)
where R is radius of circular path, g is acceleration due to gravity, θ is the angle of banking,
μs is friction coefficient between surface of road and tyre of wheel
when friction force is zero , μs = 0 .  Hence eqn.(1) becomes,   vmax = { R g tanθ }1/2
hence maximu speed, vmax = { 120 × 9.8 × tan18° }1/2 = 19.55 m/s ≈ 70 km/hr

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 29th Sep, 2019, 10:42: PM