Current flows from a point that has higher electrical potential to a point of lower electrical potential potential ,didn't understand


Asked by Avadhut Katkar | 21st Aug, 2018, 05:03: PM

Expert Answer:

- Current is a form of energy caused by the movement of charged particles.
- In a typical circuit, the electrons move from the negative terminal to the positive terminal of the circuit.
- Due to these movements, the electric current energy is formed and it moves from the positive terminal to the negative terminal of the circuit.
- Positive ternminal is the terminal where the potential energy is higher, whereas, the negative terminal is a negatively charged terminal with a comparitively lower potential energy levels.
- That is why, as the current energy moves from the positive terminal (a point that has higher electrical potential) to the negative terminal ( point of lower electrical potential ) 
- The same pattern is followed by the nature for the energy movements, for example, the water at a height (higher potential), naturally tends to move to a lower point (lower potential level), also, the movement of air and water currents has the same pattern.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 23rd Aug, 2018, 10:27: AM