could you please explane to me the 4 and the 5 state of matter

Asked by  | 4th Jul, 2008, 07:56: PM

Expert Answer:

Plasmas are known as the fourth state of matter. They are "hotter" than gas. A plasma occurs when the temperature is between 1000 degrees C and 1,000,000,000 degrees C. Some examples of plasma are flames, lightning, aurora (northern lights), neon lights, and stars, including our own sun.

The "Bose-Einstein condensate is  the fifth state of matter. An example is helium-4 close to absolute zero in the superfluid state, in which it will attempt to 'climb' out of its container.

 A Bose-Einstein condensate is "colder" than a solid. It occurs when atoms have very similar (or the same) quantum levels. Temperatures close to absolute zero (-273 °C) will exhibit the Bose-Einstein condensate.

Answered by  | 5th Jul, 2008, 04:04: AM

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