Control and Coordination

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a) Pepsin acts on proteins whereas amylase acts on starch. Pepsin is released by stomach whereas amylase is secreted by salivary glands and pancreas.


  Photosynthesis Respiration
1 It is an energy trapping process It is an energy releasing process
2 Water and carbon dioxide are used as raw materials Water and carbon dioxide are given out as byproducts.
3 Oxygen is released Oxygen is utilized
4 Occurs in green cells Occurs in all living cells.
5 Takes place in presence of sunlight Continuous process occuring day and night
6 Takes place in chloroplast Takes place in mitochondria and cytoplasm
7 It is an anabolic process It is a catabolic process

c) Lymph does not possess RBCs, which are present in blood.

Lymph contains less plasma proteins than blood.

Lymph is colorless whereas blood is red in color.

Lymph flows in lymphatic capillaries whereas blood flows in blood vessels.

In lymph white blood cells are present in much more abundance than in blood.

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