Control and co-ordination

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Several kinds of movements are shown by plants. They may not be very pronounced, but are brought about by definite external and internal stimuli. Movement which occur due to external stimuli are known as paratonic movements and the movements which occur due to factors inherent inside the plant body itself are known as autonomic movements. 

The various plant movements are:




A flow chart of the various plant movements is given in the following site:

1) Tactic movements - These include phototactic, thermotactic and chemotactic movements.

2) Tropic Movements - These include phototropism, geotropism, chemotropism, hydrotropism and thigmotropism.

3) Nastic movements - These include photonasty, thermonasty, nyctinasty, seismonasty and hyponasty.

4) Hydroscopic movements

5) Seismonastic movements

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