Construct an equilateral triangle whose altitude is 4.5cm.

Asked by araima2001 | 6th Mar, 2015, 03:08: PM

Expert Answer:

Draw a line PQ.

Take any point L on this line.

Construct perpendicular AL on PQ.

Cut a line segment AD from D equal to 4.5 cm.

Make angles equal to 30° at A on both sides of AD, say ∠CAD and ∠BAD where B and C lie on XY.

Then, ABC is the required triangle.


Since ∠A = 30° + 30° = 60° and AL ⊥ BC,

Therefore, ∆ABC is an equilateral triangle with altitude AL = 4.5 cm.

Answered by Mili Hariyani | 7th Mar, 2015, 01:38: PM

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