Construct a Triangle XYZ given: XZ=6.5cm, YZ=5cm, Angle YXZ=60 degrees. Draw a circular bisector of XY and Angular bisector of Angle X

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Expert Answer:

Step1: Draw XZ = 6.5 cm
Step2. Draw an arc with radius 5 cm and center Z. 
Step3, Draw angle TXZ = 60 degree and the line where TX intersects with the arc is point Y.
Now to draw circular bisector of XY
Step4: Place the compass at point X and adjust the compass to slightly longer than half the line length. Draw arcs above and below the line and Keeping the same compass width, draw arcs from Z. Place ruler where the arcs cross, and draw the line connecting the intersection points of 2 arcs, A and B. Join AB and AB represent circular bisector of XY. 
Now to draw angular bisector of angle X
Step5:  Draw an arc that is centered at X. This arc can have a radius of any length. However, it must intersect both sides of the angle. We will call these intersection points P and Q  
Step6: Draw two more arcs. The first arc must be centered on one of the two points P or Q. It can have any length radius. The second arc must be centered on whichever point (P or Q) you did NOT choose for the first arc. The radius for the second arc MUST be the same as the first arc. Make sure you make the arcs long enough so that these two arcs intersect in at least one point. We will call this intersection point R.
Join RX and extend the same. RX represents the angular bisector of angle X. 

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