Construct a rectangle given that diagnol AC=8cm and the angle between the diagnosis is 60 degrees

Asked by ajayrath7 | 12th Nov, 2017, 09:32: PM

Expert Answer:

Steps of construction:
1)  Draw AC = 8 cm
2)  Draw the perpendicular bisector of AC to locate the mid-point of AC. Let the perpendicular bisector intersect AC at point O. Therefore, O is the mid-point of AC.
3)  Through O, construct a line POQ so that angle POC = 60 degree
4)  From OP, cut OD = OC = 4 cm and from OQ, cut OB = OA = 4 cm
5)  Join AB, BC, CD and DA
Then, ABCD is the required rectangle as follows:

Answered by Rashmi Khot | 7th Dec, 2017, 02:22: PM