construct a parallelogram abcd with ab=5.1cm,bc=7cm and angle abc=75

Asked by NIGAM | 19th May, 2012, 08:28: AM

Expert Answer:

Since, ABCD is a parallelogram, opposite sides are equal. So, AB = CD and BC = AD.
The steps of construction are as follows:
1) Draw a line segment AB = 5.1 cm
2) At B, draw an angle ABX of 75 degrees.
3) With B as centre and 7 cm radius, draw an arc cutting ray BX at C.
4) With C as centre and radius 5.1 cm, draw an arc.
5) With A as centre and radius 7 cm, draw an arc cutting the previous arc at D.
6) Join CD and AD to get the required parallelogram ABCD.

Answered by  | 20th May, 2012, 09:34: PM

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