consider the function ,F(x)=integration of [t^2-t]dt where upper limit of integration is x and lower limit of integration is -1 ,x belongs to R, (a)FIND THE x and y intercept of F if they exist. (b)Derivatives F'(x) and F''(x). (C)The intervals on which F is an increasing and the intervals on which F is decreasing. (d)relative maximum and minimum points. (e) any inflection point.

Asked by rohit varshney | 7th Apr, 2011, 04:02: PM

Expert Answer:

(a) If x = 0 then y = F(x) = 5, thefore y-intercept is 5.
If y = F(0) = 0 then
therefore x-intercept is -1.
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Answered by  | 11th Apr, 2011, 03:51: PM

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