Consider a prism made of glass of refractive index n and Angle of prism = 30?.An incident ray makes an angle of 60? with the normal and emerges at 90?.Calculate the value of n.

Asked by Manas Koppar | 18th Feb, 2011, 01:08: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear student
Here, R.I. = n, A =30o ,i = 60o , e = 90o , let d = angle of deviation
We know that, d + A = i + e
or, d = (  60o+ 90o  ) - 30o = 120o
μ = [ sin (A+d)/2] / sin A/2
Plugging in value in this formula you may calculate the required refractive index.
Hope this clarifies your doubt.

Answered by  | 19th Feb, 2011, 09:14: AM

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