Compound X, with molecular formula C4H11N did not react with NaNO2 and HCl but reacted with one mole of CH3I to form a salt.What is the structure of X?

Asked by KAVITHA NAMBIAR | 1st Aug, 2011, 10:13: PM

Expert Answer:

The compound X must be a tertiary amine ,i.e. a tertiary amine will react with only 1 mole of CH3I giving rise to a TETRAALKYL AMMONIUM IODIDE and also tertiary amine doesnot react with NaNO2 and HCl to give the diazoniumsalt.
As the molecular formula is given to be C4H11N,therefore, the compound 'X' is [(CH3)4N+I_].

Answered by  | 2nd Aug, 2011, 10:08: PM

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