Compare and contrast between the conditions of farmers in British era and current economic condition of farmers?

Asked by ahujarajesh11 | 1st Jul, 2015, 12:07: PM

Expert Answer:

There are quite a few similarities as well as differences in the condition of farmers during British rule and the condition of farmers in present times. Most important of all, farmers and peasants still find it difficult to find access to credit. Like during British times, farmers still have to seek credit in the unorganised sector. Farmers' debt is still as serious an issue as it was before independence. Use of technology, size of land holdings and irrigation facilities are still not widespread, with the exception of states like Punjab and Haryana. However, one important point of difference has been the enforcement of land reforms in Communist ruled states like West Bengal. This has empowered the farmers politically, unlike in the colonial times. Also, farmers are able to struggle for better prices for their produce in today's times through their unions. Also, while before indpendence, the colonial government or individual planatation owners could force farmers to grow a particular crop, today farmers in India can choose what to grow.

Answered by Soumil Shukla | 1st Jul, 2015, 10:12: PM

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