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1 In ascent of sap , the sap moves upwards against the force of gravity
2 The leaves of Touch me not plant droop down on slight touching

Asked by lovemaan5500 | 26th Dec, 2017, 10:28: AM

Expert Answer:

1. The ascent of sap in the xylem tissue of plants is the upward movement of water and minerals from the root to the crown which occurs due to two factors transpirational pull and active transport.
2.When Mimosa pudica (touch me not ) plant is touched, the touch acts as a stimulus for plant and it closes its leaves in return. Some chemicals are released from the stem when the plant is touched. These chemicals force water to move out of the cell which leads to loss of turgor pressure.So touch me not droop down on touching. 

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 26th Dec, 2017, 12:12: PM