Classify resources on the basis of exhaustibility in two groups. Mention three characteristics of each.


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On the basis of exhaustibility, resources can be classified into two groups: Renewable and non-renewable resources. Their chief characteristics are

 Renewable resources

1. These resources are found abundantly in nature (e.g. sunlight and wind).

2. These resources can be renewed and replenished with the help physical, chemical or mechanical processes (e.g. wildlife and water).

3. Although these resources are found abundantly in nature, some of them may take longer time in getting replenished. For example, water and forests take a longer time in getting replenished.

Non-renewable resources

1. These resources occur over long geological time. For example, coal and petroleum take millions of years for their formation.


2. Some of these resources (e.g. metals) can be recycled, while some of the resources (e.g. coal and other fossil fuels) cannot be recycled.

3. At present, the main energy sources used by humans are generally non-renewable resources such as coal and petroleum.


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