Choose from the list only: Ethyne, Ethane, Ethene, Nickel, Copper, Saturated, CnH2n-2, CnH2n+2, CnH2n, Unsaturated, Saturated, Fehling's solution, Colourless, Addition.
(a) CH2 = CH2 is
(i) _________ . It is
(ii) _________ hydrocarbon having general formula
(iii) _________ .Ethene reacts with the solution of Bromine in Carbon tetrachloride to give
(iv) _________  Solution   and it undergoes
(v) _________ reaction. Addition of Hydrogen to CH2 = CH2 yields
(vi) _________ In the presence of
(vii) _________  as a catalyst.
(b) Give balanced chemical equations for the reactions mentioned in the above question.
(c) What special feature in CH2 = CH2 helps to bring about the change of Bromine solution in Carbon tetrachloride?

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