1.What is the binding force between molecules of a substance if a gas under ordinary conditions of temperature and pressure ?
2.What colour solution is formed when carbondisulphide is added to compound of iron and sulphur?
3.Crystals of copper sulphate changes colour on heating. tthe cxhange in colour is from blue to what colour?
4.What is the colour of hydrated copper sulphate?
5.why while checking the boiling point of water, pumic stones are added to boiling water?

Asked by senthil vel | 14th Sep, 2014, 09:52: PM

Expert Answer:

1. There exist weak van der Waals forces.
2. Carbon disulphide is added to compound of iron and sulphur. So the solution will remain colourless.
3. Colour changes from blue to white.
4. Hydrated copper sulphate is blue in colour.
5. It stops bumping and supports smooth boiling of water.

Answered by Arvind Diwale | 15th Sep, 2014, 12:02: AM

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