check the ratio ke^2/ is dimensionless.

Asked by garimasingh | 30th Apr, 2010, 10:14: AM

Expert Answer:

Fe = ke2/R2 and Fg = Gmemp/R2,

Conside graviational and electrostatic force between a proton and an electron. The ratio of two forces,

Fe/Fg = ke2/Gmemp , as we see it's the ratio of two forces it's dimensionless.

(9x109)(1.6x10-19)2/(6.67x10-11x9.1x10-31x1.678x10-27) = 1040

The ratio signify that the electrostatic force is 1040 higher than the gravitational force.




Answered by  | 30th Apr, 2010, 06:21: PM

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