charctersketch of julis cesar, brutus and antony 

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Character Sketch of Julius Caesar

Caesar is seen as a very ambitious ruler by a few of his subjects who later conspire against him. These people believe that his pride will soon endanger the safety of Rome. Caesar is indeed ambitious and wants absolute control over Rome. He also arrogantly believes that he will live forever in the minds of men. So much is his faith in his powers that he disregards his wife Calpurnia’s fears about his death. She tries to dissuade him from going to the Senate on account of the recurring disturbing dreams she sees, but Caesar does not heed her words. Since he is unable to resist the allure of being crowned, he ends up risking his life and goes to the Senate. Caesar mistakes that the immortal status that is granted to his public self would ensure any kind of protection from mortality. His rash decision takes him to his death. However, he is made become immortal in a different sense when ultimately, Octavius is crowned as the emperor or the next Caesar.

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