carbon react with chlorine to form ccl4 .36gm of carbon was mixed with 142gmof ccl2.calculate mass of ccl4 produce and remaining mass of reactant


Asked by aliadil96935 | 16th Feb, 2020, 05:46: PM

Expert Answer:

The reaction is;
 C   +   2Cl2 → CCl4 
12 g    4×35.5g      
The mass of chlorine is less than required to formed CCl4
Therfeore, chlorine is the limiting reagent.
142 g of Cl2 reacts with 12 g of Carbon.
So, mass of carbon is in excess.
142 g of Cl2 gives 154 g of CCl4 
Therefore mass of CCl4 produced is 154 gm.
Mass of carbon left = 36 − 12 = 24 gm
Mass of chlorine left = 0 gm

Answered by Varsha | 17th Feb, 2020, 10:40: AM