can you tell me nerst equation in single electrod in brifely explanation with some examples

Asked by saggugurupal | 17th Jun, 2016, 05:40: PM

Expert Answer:

The potential of a single electrode in a half-cell is called the Single electrode potential.

In Daniel cell in which the electrodes are not connected externally, the anode Zn/Zn2+ develops a negative charge and the cathode Cu/Cu2+, a positive charge.

The amount of the charge produced on an individual electrode determines its single electrode potential.

Nernst's equation for single electrode is



[M] = Concentration of the metal say M

[M ] = Concentration of oxidized state of the metal.

E = Electrode potential at concentration M +.

E = Standard electrode potential.

R= Gas constant

T= Temperature in K

F= 1 Faraday (96500 coulombs)

n = Number of electrons involved in the electrode reaction.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 20th Jun, 2016, 05:12: PM