Can You Plz. Explain Me The Graphs For Motion in Straight Line In Brief including position time,velocity time and acceleration time with sign conventions

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raphical representation of the motion of a body plotted on the x-axis and velocity on the y-axis. In the velocity-time graph, acceleration of the body is obtained from the gradient of the curve. The area beneath the graph represents the distance travelled.


The position-time graph for constant velocity is a straight line


The slope of a position-time graph is the velocity of the object.


The area under a velocity-time graph gives the displacement during that interval, or,


Δd = vΔt

On a position-time graph, a negative slope corresponds to a negative velocity. If forward is positive, then backward is negative.
The velocity-time graph for constantacceleration is a straight line.
the slope of a velocity-time graph is acceleration.

The position-time graph for constant

acceleration is curved (parabolic)

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