can you please guide me through the means to contact topperlearning, i have been given a no. of shikha ma'am and i lost it, now I am having some queries, which i tried to get solved by dialing no., one which is on the site,but it didn't worked. In last question, i wanted to ask why while calculating change in pressure (3*10^5*980) is calculated keeping density uniform for we know pressure= height of vertical column*density* acceleration due to gravity, why density is assumed to be 1g/cm^3 I am worried i am loosing my net question allowed limit,,,,,,by discussing questions again,, tell me pls what is this limit is or give me the no. of shikha ma'am Would you pls answer my second question in this querry???pls

Asked by Nirbhay | 7th Nov, 2014, 08:03: PM

Expert Answer:

The calculation in the previous query was
begin mathsize 14px style fraction numerator straight rho over denominator straight rho apostrophe end fraction equals 1 minus open parentheses 1 over straight K close parentheses ΔP Here comma space 1 over straight K space is space the space compressibilityof space water space which space is space given space as space 0.000048 space atm to the power of minus 1 end exponent Now comma space change space in space pressure space is space given space as ΔP equals height space of space vertical space column cross times density cross times acceleration space due space to space gravity ΔP equals hρg Now comma space straight h space is space given space as space 3 space km space equals space 3 space cross times space 10 to the power of 5 space cm The space density space is space not space assumed comma space but space it space is space given space in space the space question space that space density space of space sea space water space is space 1 space straight g divided by cc. Hence comma space the space calculation space will space yield space straight rho apostrophe equals 1.014 space gcm to the power of minus 3 end exponent. end style

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 10th Nov, 2014, 12:27: PM

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