can you please give me some(6-7) application or miracles of gravitation in our life,earth and universe by which I can use this application in my working model science project?please explain each application, if possible give a photograph each too.

Asked by abinash.gupta003 | 20th Oct, 2016, 06:31: PM

Expert Answer:

Following are some of the applications of Gravitation which can be useful for your model science project:
  1. The Solar System - The Solar system depicts the inter-relation of Gravitation of the sun and the planets along with their natural satellites.It is the gravitational force of the sun that binds the entire system in a calculative pattern.
  2. Marine Tides - This phenomenon is one of the most spectacular example of Gravitation betwwen the Earth and the moon, and how their interaction results in movement in ocean tides on the surface of the Earth. 
  3. Rollercoaster - Rollercoaster is a modern application of the Gravitational pull of the Earth on the bodies lieing on its surface.
  4. Rocket launching pad - The rocket launching pad is basically based on Newtons third law of motion where in every action (a force) has an equal and opposite reaction (reactive force).In this scenario, Gravitational force of the Earth plays a very important role.
  5. Hydroelectric Power Plants - These plants use the conversion of the potential energy of the stored water in a reservoir to kinetic energy due to Earth's gravitational pull. For this reason the reservoir is stationed at a high altitude whereas the turbine unit is stationed at a very low altitude.The high speed flow of water in these powerplants is all because of the Gravitation.
  6. The See-Saw game - The most widespread and most experienced example in our daily childhood life was the see-saw game wherein in the body with the higher gravitational pull due to their weight is put down and at the same time the lighter body rises up.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 21st Oct, 2016, 07:33: PM

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