Can you please explain how we are getting the centripetal force equation?

Asked by Sooryakumar Kuttierath | 12th Jul, 2013, 07:20: PM

Expert Answer:

Centripetal force:-

A force which is required to move a body uniformly in a circle,is known as centripetal force.This force acts along the radius and towards the center of the circle.

Example: A planet orbiting the sun, the force is gravitational force. The magnitude of this centripetal force is given by

Where, F is the centripetal force

M is mass of the body

v is velocity of the orbiting body

r is the radius of the circular track

Centripetal acceleration:-

So centripetal force = mass* centripetal acceleration.

 = mv2/r

Answered by  | 13th Jul, 2013, 11:07: AM

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