can you give the example of spontaneous combustion, rapid combustion and explosion and explain the defination please.

Asked by Petulla Mishra | 18th Nov, 2014, 11:01: AM

Expert Answer:

Spontaneous combustion: The ignition of a substance or body from the rapid oxidation of its own constituents without heat from any external source is known as spontaneous combustion. 
1. Phosphorous and sulphur start burning instantaneously; at room temperature.
2. In coal mines, fire breaks out many a times because of combustion of coal dust.
Rapid combustion: Rapid combustion is a form of combustion in which large amounts of heat and light energy are released.
1. Matchstick burns rapidly on being struck against the sides of a matchbox.
2. Combustion of natural gas, LPG, petrol etc.
Explosion: When combustion is accompanied by sudden production of heat, sound and large amount of gas, it is called explosion.
Example: Firecrackers and bombs are substances which show explosion.

Answered by Arvind Diwale | 19th Nov, 2014, 10:47: AM