can you give the charecter sketch of the charecters in the chapter 'The Dear Departed' in ncert literature text?

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Expert Answer:

Only one question can be answered in a post. In making an exception in your case, we have provided points for three main characters of the play. 
You can expand the points below for the character sketches of the characters in The Dear Departed.
Mr. Abel Merryweather
  • Victoria's grandfather, an old widower.
  • Knows that the world has many faces.
  • Used to drinking and having a jolly time.
  • Unwanted by his family.
  • Family has been sugar coating their behaviour for monetary gains. 
  • Destroys his will and gets married again, leaving nothing for his daughters. 

Amelia Slater/ Mrs. Slater

  • Abel's daughter.
  • Looks after her father only for his possessions.
  • Is more interested in what mourning dress she should wear to out-stage her sister than having genuine feelings for her father.
  • Detests her sister and doesn't want her to gain anything for their father's will.
  • Steals her father's belongings so that her sister can't have them after his supposed death. 

Victoria Slater


  • Ten-year-old daughter of the Slaters. 
  • Different from her parents and aunt.
  • Ignorant to the intentions of her mother.
  • Shows a streak of goodness despite being young. 
  • Is fond of her grandfather.


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Answered by Snehal Naik | 11th Aug, 2015, 10:16: AM

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