can you explain quantum mechanics

Asked by masroor pasha | 24th Oct, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

The first thing (important) to understand abt quantum mechainics is that you can not specify future of particle by knowinig just initiale velocity and position.That is because of uncertaninty principle. What you can say is the probabilistic behavior of particle.
This is vey important because in classical mechainics you can detrmine future trajectory of a particle knowing V0 and X0 by Newtons' equation. But in quantum mechainics its defferent.
To understand quantum mech. you need to have have a fair knowledge of vector spaces, because in quntm mech. there is nothing like wave or particle (or dualilty). It only talk about wave function of a particle, which is represented by a state vector. This phenomenon is explained in graduate study.So if you are only interested in physics upto 12th class level you need not worry abt quantum mech.
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