can yo provide me a artile on topic "SCIENCE-The Future" (200-300 words)????

Asked by rockxmohit | 15th Dec, 2014, 05:36: PM

Expert Answer:

 Since the advancement of science and technology, the lives of people have changed tremendously. Human beings by nature are inquisitive social animals.  Scientific inventions have upgraded lives making people more independent. It has made life easier and increased lifespan of life as well.

Science and technological inventions have lessened the burden of work from people’s shoulders. Most of the work which needed manual labour can now be done using machines saving both energy and time.

Some of these breakthrough inventions include things like a portrait record player, a clock that writes down time virtual keyboards and virtual memory. Smart phones, etc.

Scientific inventions are also being used to medical fields to get results which people would have not imagined of a few years ago. Robotic artificial limp is one such invention. After this invention numerous people have gone back to hiving independent lives contented that they do not have to rely on others for their most basic needs.

The invention of CCTV cameras and advanced machineries has curbed a wide range of activities from minor thefts to major terrorist activities. Invention of monorails and express ways has made travelling from one place to another faster. These developments in science have touched the lives of rich and poor alike benefiting everyone.

We are indebted to science for the privileges we enjoy today without even realizing it. If it were not for these inventions and the scientists constantly experimenting to develop something better, we would be living a stagnated life forever. 

Answered by Valentina Trindade | 16th Dec, 2014, 06:02: PM

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