Can we induce charges in insulator and conductor both ?

What is the difference in the mechanism of polarisation and induction of charges ? (Other than polarisation we use when dielectric is used=

Asked by salujavinit123 | 26th Mar, 2019, 06:42: PM

Expert Answer:

Yes we can
In induction method our traget is only appearance of charge on the body either it's insulator or conductor. But still the insulator still won't allow current to pass through itself.
But in polarisation process we make insulator to a conductor without changing any of it's physical condition. And after polarisation that insulator will allow flow of charge. And these kind of insulator is known as insulator. In polarisation separation of charge happen but still net charge will be zero.
Don't worry you will study about polarisation in capacitors we we place dielectric between the plates of capacitor

Answered by Ankit K | 26th Mar, 2019, 09:07: PM