Can we genreated eletricity form waterfall by fiting turbine? If it is possblie then why it is not launched?

Asked by Deepak | 11th Jan, 2018, 09:19: AM

Expert Answer:

- We can generate the electricity by storing the water of a running stream, waterfall or a lake in a reservoir or a dam.
- The potential energy of such stored water is converted into kinetic energy when the water is allowed to move down,
that movement further moves the turbine blades whose shaft is connected to an alternator which finally generates electricity.
- However, not all the river, streams, lakes or waterfall provide enough water storage and potential energy that can be used to generate electricity.
- Hydroelectric power plants are designed after a lot of research.
Below is the list of few of the largest hydroeletric powerplants in India
along with their current generation:
Bhakra Nangal Dam (Gobind Sagar)

1325 MW
Chamera I
1071 MW
Sharavathi Project
1035 MW
Indira Sagar Dam, Narmada River
1000 MW

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 11th Jan, 2018, 10:50: AM

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