can u plz tell me do eggs we eat are living or non living.if are they are living then how,i have heard its menstrual cycle of chicken. if they are menstrual cycle of chicken then how they can be living as menstruation is shed off of unfertilized egg right?plz plz give me proper information i will be very very very grateful to u eagerly waiting for urs sure answer plz don't skip my question as nobody has answer to my question except you expert.

Asked by topper getahead | 10th Mar, 2011, 04:33: PM

Expert Answer:

Eggs and seeds are not considered living. Technically speaking we only eat unfertilized eggs which is similar to a woman having a period where she loses the unfertilized egg thus it does not grow into a person....... So an egg would be classed as a non living thing........ the egg shell itself is not alive because it is just calcium carbonate. Whats inside however, if the egg was fertilized, is alive. The kind of egg you get at the grocery store, are not alive, as there is not a living thing inside. For the eggs to hatch, then hen becomes broody and sits on the eggs for about three weeks, then the eggs would hatch.
In poulty farming, this procedure is done by the people, not by the hens.
The eggs which are not under the procedure of brooding, remain as eggs. We eat them.
I hope iam right, and was helpful too.
Thanking you

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