can u pls xpln me when to use bis or bi while naming a cmpond?

Asked by vasturushi | 9th Nov, 2017, 11:14: AM

Expert Answer:

With the help of following examples, you will understand when to use di and bis
1) If the number of particular ligand is more than one in the complex ion, the number is indicated by using greek numbers such as di, tri, tetra, etc.
example:  [Pt(NH3 )6 ]Cl4   =    Hexaammineplatinum(IV) chloride
2) When the name of ligand includes a number e.g. dipyridyl, ethylenediamine, then bis, tris, tetrakis are used in the place of di, tri, tetra, etc.
example: [{(C6 H5 )3 P}3 Rh]Cl   =  Tris (triphenylphosphine) rhodium(I)
If still, u have any query regarding nomenclature you can post related images.

Answered by Ramandeep | 9th Nov, 2017, 05:14: PM