Can u pls give me the definitions of asexual reproduction that ares: Fission Buddingve Vegetative propagation regerenation fragmentation

Asked by AaNchaL BaBBaR | 11th Oct, 2013, 11:57: AM

Expert Answer:

Fission – Fission is the splitting up of a cell into one or more daughter cells and growing of each cell into a new individual. Example – Binary fission seen in Amoeba.

Budding – It is the development of a new organism from an outgrowth (bud) on the parent body, which remains attached during its growing stage and separates only when mature.

Vegetative propagation – It is the reproductive method in which new plants are produced asexually from roots, stems or leaves of the parent plant.

Regeneration – If an organism exhibiting regeneration is split into several parts, most of the parts will develop into complete organisms. Example, Hydra and Planaria

Fragmentation – The reproductive method in which certain multi-cellular organisms, on maturation, break up into smaller fragments, each of which develops into new individual.

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