can u please derive the potential energy ?? thank u....

Asked by arvindkrishnan | 8th Nov, 2010, 03:02: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear student
Potential energy is the energy possesed by a body by virtue of its state of rest or position or height. It is directly proportional to the mass (m) of the body and its height (h) from the ground.
let a body of mass m be lifted from the ground to a vertical height h. The force F (vertically upwards) needed to lift the body must be equal to the force of gravity ( = mg) on the body acting vertically downwards. The work done on the body  in lifting it to a height h is
W = Force of gravity (mg) x displacement (h) = mgh
This work is stored in the body at height h in the form of its potential energy.
Thus, P.E. = mgh
We hope this clarifies your doubt.

Answered by  | 18th Nov, 2010, 06:01: PM

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