can this be there that amplitude changes but the freqency remain the same and how does a tuning fork produce sound with the same freqency but with different amplitude.
please please explain me fast

Asked by yogeshmittal177 | 13th Oct, 2015, 08:10: PM

Expert Answer:

Yes. The frequency of a wave and its amplitude are not related. So, you can have a wave whose amplitude can be changed keeping its frequency constant.
A tuning fork produces sound of same frequency as the prongs of the fork vibrate in the same way always. The amplitude (indicator of loudness of sound) is very less and is sometimes undetectable. However, its amplitude somewhat depends on where you strike the prong. A hard strike on the tip of the prong produces a large noise than a strike at the base of the prong.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 14th Oct, 2015, 04:57: PM