can please give me the valencies of all the elements mostly asked in exams

Asked by nandani agarwal | 23rd Oct, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

H             hydrogen            non-metal , gas               1

He          helium non-metal, inert gas       0

Li             lithium metal    1

Be           beryllium             metal    2

B             boron    non-metal           3

C             carbon non-metal           -4,4,2

N             nitrogen               non-metal, gas -3,2,5

O             oxygen                 non-metal, gas -2

F              fluorine                non-metal, gas -1

Na          sodium                 metal    1

Mg         magnesium        metal    2

Al            aluminum            metal    3

Si             silicon    non-metal           4

P             phosphorus        non-metal           -3,3,5

S              sulfur    non-metal           -2,4,6

Cl            chlorine                non-metal           -1,1,5,

K             potassium           metal    1

 Ca          calcium                 metal    2

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