can i please know the justified definition of the placement of hydrogen in modern periodic table.

Asked by  | 11th Mar, 2013, 11:00: PM

Expert Answer:

Position of hydrogen in the periodic table is very much controversial. Hydrogen has equal tendency to gain or lose its one electron to attain stable configuration.
When it loses the electron to give H+ ion, it behaves like the alkali metals. So, it may be placed at top of the alkali metals. 
When hydrogen gains one electron to form H- ion, its behaviour resembles that of the halogens. So, it may be accomodated at the top of the halogens. Due to such varied tendency in the periodic table, hydrogen is often called a naughty element. 
Since hydrogen is electropositive and a reducing agent while halogens are electronegative and oxidising agent so hydrogen is placed in group 1.

Answered by  | 12th Mar, 2013, 10:24: AM

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