Calculate volume of 20% w/v NaOH required to compltely neutralise 50 ml of .25 M HNO3 solutions.

Asked by vishakhachandan026 | 19th Apr, 2019, 09:46: AM

Expert Answer:

 20%w/v of NaOH means 20 g present in 100ml of solution.
So it's molarityequals fraction numerator 20 cross times 1000 over denominator 40 cross times 100 end fraction equals 5 M
Normality nof NaOH= 5×1=5 N ( because valency factor of NaOH=1)
So, In case of neutralisation
Mili equivalents of NaOH=Mili equivalents of HNO3
5 cross times V equals 0.25 cross times 50
V equals 2.5 m l

Answered by Ravi | 19th Apr, 2019, 11:36: AM