Calculate the molarity of a soln of ethanol in watr in wich d mole fractn of etanol is 0.040??

Asked by  | 19th Apr, 2008, 11:43: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student,

The question can be solved by following approach. Let the number of moles of water be x.Let the number of moles of ethanol are y.


y/(x+y) = 0.04


25 y= x+ y


y = x/24

Now weight of water= 18 x grams

using Volume =Mass/Density

Volume of water = 18 x /1000

Hence molarity of solution is :

y/Volume of water=(x 1000) /(2418 x)=2.315 M 

Answered by  | 14th Jun, 2008, 01:28: AM

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