calculate the mass no of moles and no of each constituents elements present in 6g of ethane gas(gmm=30g=1mole)

Asked by  | 15th Apr, 2012, 09:59: PM

Expert Answer:

The molecular mass of ethane molecule (C2H6 ) is 30g.
30 g of ethane means = 1 mol
6 g means =   6/36
                =0.166 mol 0f ethane
30g of ethane contains = 24g of carbon
6g  of ethane contains = 144/30
                                 =48g of C
Similarly 30 g of ethane contains = 6g of H
              6 g of ethane contains = 36/30 =1.2 g of H

Answered by  | 19th Apr, 2012, 07:24: PM

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