Calculate the length of 4 m wide tarpaulin required to make conical tent of slant height 14 m and base diameter 16 m.

Asked by Topperlearning User | 17th Oct, 2017, 10:02: AM

Expert Answer:

Given: Diameter = 16 m

 Radius (r) = 8 m, slant height (l) = 14 m.

begin mathsize 12px style Curved space surface space area space equals space πr l
equals 22 over 7 cross times 8 cross times 14 space
equals space 352 space straight m squared end style


Breadth of tarpaulin (B) = 4 m, let length of tarpaulin = L

Area of tarpaulin required = curved surface area of the tent

begin mathsize 12px style straight L space cross times space straight B space equals space 352
straight L space equals space 352 over 4
straight L space equals space 88 space straight m end style

Thus 88 m long tarpaulin is required.

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