Calculate the distance d show that areal imageof an object at O 15cm is front of a convex lens of focal length 10cm we formed at asame point othe radius of curvature of the mirror is 20cmwill the image inverted and erect .

Asked by Sandeep Yadav | 4th Dec, 2014, 08:47: AM

Expert Answer:

Given that the object (OA) is placed at a distance 15 cm from lens.
i.e. u = -15 cm
Focal length of the lens. f =+ 10 cm
By lens formula we know that:
begin mathsize 14px style 1 over straight f equals 1 over straight v minus 1 over straight u rightwards double arrow 1 over straight v equals 1 over straight f plus 1 over straight u 1 over straight v equals 1 over 10 minus 1 over 15 1 over straight v equals fraction numerator 3 minus 2 over denominator 30 end fraction equals 1 over 30 straight v equals 30 cm end style

The image(I) gets formed at 30 cm to the right of the lens and it will be inverted.
The rays from the image(I) formed further falls on the mirror and forms another image(I').This image should be formed in such a way that the rays from I' on refraction from the lens should form an image(I'') at the same point O.
For the image(I'') to be formed at O, the rays incident on the mirror should form the image(I') at centre of curvature of the mirror. This happens only if the image formed by the lens(I) lies at the centre of curvature of the mirror.
Hence d, the distance between the lens and the mirror will be:
d = image distance(v) + radius of curvature of the lens(R)
v = 30 cm, R =20 cm
The image formed at the point O (O I'') will be inverted.

Answered by Jyothi Nair | 5th Dec, 2014, 12:06: PM