calculate energy evolved when 8 droplets of water (S.T = 0.072 N/m )of radius 0.5 mm each combine into one drop.

Asked by Arun Iyer | 19th Feb, 2011, 05:20: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear student,
n, No. of droplets = 8, r radius of droplet = 0.5mm= 0.5X10^-3m, R- radius of bigger drop
volume of bigger drop = 8X 0.5X10^-3 = 4X1-^-3
Calculate the decease in surface area, = nX4m^2 - 4nR^2
energy liberated = surface tension X decrease in surface area.

Answered by  | 21st Feb, 2011, 12:52: PM

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